1.5 Nodule




Nodule: a firm, elevated, circumscribed, easily palpable and indurate lesion, usually with sharp borders, that is thicker or deeper than the average papule and > 1 cm or plaque; it can involve all skin layers.


More extensive increase in substance of skin.


Colors: skin-colored, brown, red, yellow.


May appear anywhere on body; can be solitary, localized or disseminated.


May progress to necrosis, ulcer or scar.

Comment / Explanation

Distinction between papule and nodule is by size.

Larger nodule = tumor (benign or malignant cell proliferation).

Typical Dermatoses

Tumor: nodular basal cell carcinoma, nodular melanoma.


Infection: furuncle, abscess.


Inflammatory disease: prurigo, erythema nodosum, sarcoidosis.


Benign and malignant cell proliferations (granuloma, tumor).


Inflammation (furuncle, abscess).

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